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    We offer a wide variety of coatings and primers tailored to the demanding requirements of many industrial applications.

    Our product line includes acrylics, epoxies, urethanes, and silicones.Typical uses include graffiti protection, corrosion protection, high chemical resistance, extreme wear and weather durability. Urethabond and Wearcoat products can be applied to many types of substrates including concrete, wood, and metal.

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    ALSEAL® coatings are used by the majority of manufacturers of gas and steam turbines. Our robust products and inorganic ceramic binders endure the extreme temperatures and corrosive environments that exist in gas turbines.

    ALSEAL® coatings are offered in a variety of specialty applications that include; dry film lubricants, corrosion resistant basecoats, colored topcoats, and touch-ups.

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    Don’t see a product for your specific application? Our R&D staff can assist you by tailoring a formulation to meet your requirements. We manufacture products for the medical, automotive, highway, printing, building and many more industries. We offer coatings from graffiti protection to high temperature and corrosion protection.

    ALSEAL® 220i (patent pending) is a 0 VOC, non-hazardous, high temperature coating for application on engine blocks, exhaust manifolds, and headers which can be polished to a chrome like finish.

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    We manufacture a complete line of floor products including crack filling, primers, broadcasts, and topcoats. Contractor installed, our products will provide the home owner with trouble free and aesthetically pleasing floors for many years. Wearcoat topcoats will not tire mark or hot tire pick-up and have high chemical resistance to fuels and oils.

    Uses for our professional coatings include; Garage floors, basements, porches, patios, laundry rooms, and others. For over 40 years, we have proven to be superior in performance and durability.

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