Primers & Sealers

  • Epoxy

    Two component 100% solids industrial epoxy primer / topcoat.
    - Economical coating for general industrial floor use.  Very high resistmance to amine blush.  Available as a fast set.

    WEARCOAT 440


    General purpose solventborne polyamide epoxy primer for use on cementitious substrates.

    WEARCOAT 490


    Polyamide epoxy with corrosion inhibiting pigments for use as a metal primer.

    WEARCOAT 499


    Trowel applied epoxy floor patch and resurfacer exhibiting very high compressive strength.

    WEARCOAT 805


    Water-based clear epoxy primer providing a fast cure and low viscosity for enahnced penetration into concrete.

    WEARCOAT 1020

  • Urethane

    Aluminum filled moisture-cured aromatic urethane primer for use on metal or concrete.  Provides excellent corrosion resistance on metal and can be applied over previously rusted surfaces.



    Zinc rich moisture-cured urethane primer for use on metal substrates in severely corrosive salt environments or anywhere cathodic protection is desired.

    Urethabond 109


    Urethabond 3007


    Moisture-cured urethane primer / sealer for wood or concrete.

    -Excellent abrasion and chemical resistance when used as an economical self-priming sealer where aesthetics is not a concern


  • Other

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